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Server rules

Post by Aditya_adi on Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:05 pm

Server Regulation:-
1. Respect players and admins.
2. Do not flood the chat or advertise other servers.
3. Hacking/Cheating is not allowed.
4. LEO Players must not kill innocent civilians.
5. Team killing is not allowed.
6. Do not tie abuse [Leaving the player once tied and killing the player after tiring instead of kidnapping him ]
7. Do not taze abuse [Leaving the player once tazed]
8. Do not cuff abuse [Leaving the player once cuffed]
9. LEO players must not assist criminals.
10. Park your own vehicle in a sensible spot, preferably at your home.
11. Do not quit or pause to avoid anything.
12. Farming score/xp/money is unacceptable.
13. Do not question administrative actions.
14. Bugs should be reported on forum, not exploited.
15. Keybinds are not allowed.
16. Roadblock and Spike Strip abuse are not allowed.
17. Heli-Blading,camping and car ram are not allowed.
18. Do not EMP vehicles if there are no wanted players inside.
19. Do not drive-by without a driver.
20. Cop hunt is not allowed (Killing or shooting a cop while innocent and going to cop to kill him while he is not coming after u)


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